​​​​​​Hong Kong Ski Team member competed in 2017 Whistler Cup in Canada 2017-05-16

Arabella NG, one of our new member of the Hong Kong Ski Team participated the Whistler Cup Women's events this April in Vancouver, Canada. Arabella didn't do too well on April 13th in the Super-G, only ranked 53 out of 77 that completed the event. On April 14th, Arabella finished #29 out of 66 that completed the U16 Giant Slalom GS. On April 15th, Arabella did much better and finished #21 out of 47 that completed the U16 Ladies Slalom. Another team member Jerome Wong didn't show up for this year's Whistler Cup because of a broken he finger when he attended an Italian event two weeks before this one.

According to her father Timothy, Arabella did so much better in March at the Ronnie Berlack U16 Eastern Championship Grand Prix, an USSA event where she came in third out of 53 ladies athletes who completed this Slalom event. She promised that she will continue to work hard and train hard for the 2017/18 season and hopefully with some good results for the Hong Kong Ski Team.