​​​​​​SA-HK Annual Dinner 2019-07-04

2019.6.21 For a third consecutive year, SA-HK invited its members and contributors to the annual dinner at the Royal Park Hotel in Mong Kok, Kowloon. Over 100 participants attended the dinner, for the annual celebration of our ski team member’s achievements. With musical entertainment and a chance at winning prizes from our sponsors Arctica and Club Med, our guests had a brilliant time at the dinner. The main event of the night came when those who had successfully completed the annual assessments, were invited to join the Hong Kong Ski & Snowboard Team and promoted to either future stars, bronze, silver or gold level badges. Most notably, our athletes Audrey King, Alexandra Tse, Jack Archer and Adrian Yung, received SA-HK’s most prestigious honor, being promoted to gold level badges. SA-HK further honored the special guests, from SF&OC, Ms. Vivian Lau, Mr. Wong Po Kee and Mr. Tony Yue. With another guest of honor, Mr Geoff Warner, the founder and CEO of Arctica, who travelled all the way from the USA to attend this dinner. With the Youth Winter Olympic Games 2020 and China Winter National Games 2020 in our sights, once again, this annual dinner served as an opportunity to celebrate and reflect on the growth of SA-HK over the past few years. Our heartfelt thanks to our sponsors and contributors for their continued support of SA-HK!